What is the diagnosis of Adeno Carcinoma of Lung?

March 11 22:05 2019 Print This Article

One can see the lung cancer on chest radiograph and computed tomography. Biopsy confirms the diagnosis and is done with the help of bronchoscopy or CT guided biopsy. In the chest radio graph one observes a mass which shows a widening of the media stinum which suggests a spread of lymph node, collapse or atelectasis and consolidation with the pleural effusion. If the radiograph is normal but the suspicion is high it can lead to the bronchoscopy or CT guided scan.

There are abnormal findings in the cells which are linked with the increased chances of lung cancer. They are present in the sputum. In the patients the differential diagnosis present in the case of chest radio graph includes the lung cancer and non malignant diseases. It includes the infectious causes like tuberculosis and pneumonia. One can also observe an inflammatory condition known as the sarcoidosis. It can result in the media stinal lymph adenopathy or the involvement of lung nodules and sometimes it may mimic the cancer of lung. They can be found by chance or one can observe a solitary nodule on a chest radiograph or a CT scan for unknown reasons.

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