What is the diagnosis and screening of ABCD syndrome?

by andywalsh | May 16, 2019 11:41 pm

In the Europe waarndenburg syndrome occurs in one in 45000 people. The diagnosis is made before the birth by ultrasound. It occurs due to the phenotype which displays disturbances in the face, pigment and the development defects. The diagnosis is made according to the symptoms. It is also established by the genetic testing. If it is not diagnosed early it can lead to the complications.

The screening occurs in the manner which displays many symptoms of ABCD. A study was conducted among the deaf people who showed that the 5 percent of them were suffering from waarndenburg syndrome. This study was conducted in the Columbia. There was no patient which was suffering from the ABCD.

Source URL: https://alldiseases.org/diagnosis-and-screening-of-abcd-syndrome/