How Depression got originated?

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The Greek physician Hippocrates gave an explanation of the syndrome of melancholia as a unique disease which involves physical as well as mental features. It relies on the fear which lasts for a long time. The emphasis is given on the collection of symptoms. It includes sadness, fear etc. The depression originated from the Latin word. It means to press down. This term was also used in the other fields such as economics and physiology.

The French psychiatrist was the first one to use it. It was also known as decrease in the functions of emotions according to few medical definitions. Previously, it was known that the disease was common among men but now it came to known that it was quite common among females. The most common term used in this case was known as melancholia. There were different authors and they gave different names. The individual may also go in the state of depression due to death or break in long term romance. He under goes in a negative frame of mind. The role of events in the early life is also very crucial. The term melancholia was now replaced by the depression.

There are different types of depression known as the DSM 1 and DSM 2. First the researchers believe that this disorder was caused due to the problems in brain. But this theory was changed in the later years. This disorder was first introduced in the US by few research companies. The recent definitions of depression are not fully accepted. This is a controversial issue.

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