What Is A Dentifrice?

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It is defined as a paste in which there is a use of tooth brush so that the teeth can be cleaned. It includes all the accessible tooth surfaces. It is derived from the word tooth to rub. Its main purpose is to rub as well as clean the tooth surfaces. It has anti microbial agents such as chloro hexidine, fluorides such as therauptic agents and anti calculus substances such as the zinc chloride. The combination of tooth paste along with a tooth brush helps to control the plaque, removes the stains, mouth fresheners as well as the anti caries effect.

What is the composition of Dentifrices?

It includes the number of ingredients which helps to control the plaque. It prevents caries as well as the periodontal tissues. The polishing agents may include the alumina, silica, di calcium phosphate di hydrate as well as calcium carbonate. These have a mild abrasive action which helps in the removal of plaque. They remove the pellicle which is stained and make the tooth look normal and increase their whiteness.

How Dentifrices can be used?

It includes that there is no specific way to use this. One must identify the cause for it and must act against it. It must be a pea size and must be present on the first half of the tooth brush. It must be present in between the bristles properly. The children below the age of 6 must have half the amount of tooth paste as compared to the adults. It is used in the making of plaque indices along with the evaluation of effectiveness in the maintenance of oral hygiene. The patient has the ability to do self evaluation also. One can control the plaque with the help of tooth brushes also.

How the accumulation of plaque can be prevented?

It includes the avoidance of any irritating factor. One must avoid alcohol, tobacco and cigarette smoking.

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