How Dengue Fever can be prevented?

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There is no vaccine against this disorder till date. There are many researches going on to know about the vaccine. In the year 2003, there were many initiatives done to know about the vaccines.

One can go for mosquito control which involves the control of larva and adult mosquito. This is the main method to prevent the spread of this disorder. In the urban areas the mosquitoes which lead to dengue feed on water collections in the plastic containers as well as pots. These containers must be drained after some time regularly. It decreases the breeding site for mosquitoes. The other treatment is to kill the larvae known as larvicide. Insecticides are also helpful as they lead to fogging. There are insect growth regulators which can check the growth of insects. One can also prevent the bite of mosquito and this can be done with the help of insect repellents. The mosquito traps or nets are also helpful.

There was a method in which the children were told to place the water bugs inside the water so that they can act against the mosquitoes which cause this disorder. They are known as meso cyclops. It is cheap method and preserves the environment. It is not as effective as it requires the continue help of community. This method has been quite successful in the rural areas but in the urban areas its role has not been proven. The meso Cyclops are able to survive in the small containers that are used in the urban areas but they are quite successful in cases where there are large water containers as used in the urban areas. They act a host for the guinea worm.

Other method to control the mosquito growth is with the help of bacteria known as Wolbachia which has the ability to reduce the life span of mosquito which causes this disorder.

The mosquito mapping involves the location as well as counting of number of mosquito which leads to an idea about their population. It is done in the urban areas.

The dengue virus includes the hepatitis C and yellow fever virus.

The sterile insect technique involves the use of biological control but it has not been met with much success due to weakness of male mosquitoes.

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