How Dengue Fever can be Diagnosed?

April 19 23:29 2019 Print This Article

It is mainly done with the help of signs and symptoms. It includes the pain in muscle as well as joints along with a severe head ache. These features are sudden in onset. One can also see fever along with a rash. The rash is bright red in color and is present on the limbs as well as chest. This disease lasts for one week. The number of platelets decreases and the temperature is normal. One must look for a tendency to bleed from other sites. One can also look for a leakage in the plasma.

There is a syndrome known as dengue shock syndrome which shows a cold clammy skin, with a low pulse pressure and a weak rapid pulse. In the rural areas the diagnosis can be immediately done with the help of rapid diagnostic kits. The diagnosis can also be established by polymerase chain reaction and serology.

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