Crohns Disease Diet

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It has been widely believed and propagated that Crohns Disease diet is the best solution to the inflammatory condition and helps in managing the pain and controlling the symptoms. While it is not the sole cure, an assessed Crohns Disease diet does help with temporary relief. It eventually allows the intestines more time to heal and be free of inflammations and other infections.

There is no thumb rule that can help in formulating a Crohns Disease diet for all and sundry. Two individuals may have different reactions to certain foods. A specific food item may acts as a trigger to several symptoms among people suffering from Crohns Disease while the same food may not have any adverse effect on others. The trick is to find out those foods that are acting as trigger points. For this, a person suffering from the condition would have to make observations and note down the foods that aggravate the symptoms and the foods that help in alleviating the pain, even if temporarily.

Once all such observations are made, the desirable foods must be included in Crohns Disease diet while the trigger foods should be done away with. Over numerous studies of cases and after observing the pros and cons of most foods, here are some foods that one should not include in Crohns Disease diet – alcoholic drinks or beverages including mixed drinks, wine and beer, butter, mayonnaise, margarine, oils, carbonated beverages or drinks with artificial sweeteners and flavors, coffee, tea, chocolate, corn husks, dairy products, fatty foods and any kind of ready to cook or processed foods, fiber rich foods, gas inducing foods which would vary among people but often cover lentils, beans, legumes, cabbage, broccoli and onions, nuts and seeds including their products such as peanut butter, raw fruits, raw vegetables, red meat and pork, spicy foods and whole grains or bran.

Also, some people would be better off with a few large meals in his or her Crohns Disease diet while some would do well with smaller meals but more frequent ones. It would depend on the severity of the symptoms and what the person is doing better with.

The best foods to be included in an effective Crohns Disease diet are almond milk, eggs, oatmeal, vegetable soups, salmon, papaya, pureed beans, poultry, avocado, butter lettuce, roasted red peppers and most importantly rice. Carbohydrates are quintessential in Crohns Disease diet. Those not getting sufficient nutrients (vitamins and minerals) due to poor digestion and other problems should opt for health supplements as advised by a doctor.

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