Crohn’s Disease Cure

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Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory disease of the intestines. Doctors say that it is caused by an immune deficiency state. The symptoms are quite unpleasant and at first it can be mistaken with a flu or some other stomach infection. In a nutshell Crohn’s disease causes small ulcers on the intestines’ surface, but they can also appear anywhere on the digestive system – beginning from the mouth, ending at the anus. The symptoms are diarrhea, stomach pains that can be quite severe, vomiting, fever, muscle pains and weight loss. They are not influenced by any analgetic substances or common antibiotics. In case that you have these symptoms and flu is excluded as an option, you should make an appointment with the doctor to examine you for Crohn’s disease.

This is not a very common illness, although there is a substantial percentage of people who have it. Unfortunately there is no Crohn’s disease cure discovered yet. The treatment is conducted with strong antibiotics, inflammation suppressing drugs, and surgery. The disease is chronic and it always stays in the body as a virus. Certain circumstances can inflame it – stress, decreased immune system, certain medicines, spicy food. As there is no final Crohn’s disease cure, the medicines that are prescribed can only put the virus in remission. During this period of time the patient doesn’t have any symptoms whatsoever.

It is said that Crohn’s disease is hereditary, so if one of your parents had it, there is more than 30% chance that you will inherit it too. The diagnosis of the disease is by barium enema and colonoscopy. The procedure is not painful but it is unpleasant, because a white liquid is introduced through a catheter via the anus to the large bowel. The colonoscopy is made with a tiny tube which is inserted through the anus and there is a small camera which gives the doctor the opportunity to see whether there are many ulcers on the intestines surface and where exactly they are. Everything is seen on a colored screen. The patients are under anesthesia while the procedure is carried out. Of course it is not obligatory, if the patient wants he can witness the colonoscopy.

Although there is no Crohn’s disease cure the status of the patients can be improved if they follow a diet. It is best to exclude high fiber foods as they are hard to digest, it is better to eat more soups and to take vitamins that improve the immune system.

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