Cold Sore Home Remedies

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Cold sores, also called as fever blisters are very comman and caused by herpes simplex virus. They are sometimes confused with impetigo, which usually develops between the nose and upper lip. They can appear one at a time or in little bunches, and they are sometimes filled with fluid. Cold sores (also called fever blisters) are quite different from canker sores, a condition people sometimes associate them with. They occur on the lip, or just above or below it, and are caught through close contact (for example, kissing) with someone who has a cold sore. Sometimes they may occur on chin, nostrils, fingers or genitals. Cold sores are small, painful, fluid-filled blisters on the mouth or nose. Some equivalent terms that are used to refer to cold sores are ” fever blisters ” and the medical term “recurrent herpes labialis.” The disorder is characterised by groups of fluid-filled blisters which appear on red swollen areas of the skin or on the mucous membranes.

Home Remedies for Cold Sore

Below are presented a few Cold Sore cure home remedies:

  • Ice is a very good home remedy for cold sores. Rub ice on the infected skin for few minutes, repeat this every hour.
  • When the tingling starts, try rubbing juice from an aloe plant on the affected area.
  • Use a sunscreen of at least 15 SPF on your lips and other susceptible areas.
  • Use a fresh clove of Garlic. Dab it on for 10 minutes at a time for like an hour.
  • Take L-lysine, found in the vitamin aisle. Take it as soon as you feel the tingle. Take 3 times a day. Usually the cold sore never develops.
  • Rubbing aloe, lemon balm extract, or tea bags to cold sores is also known to lessen their size and help reduce pain.
  • Native Americans used the herb chaparral ( Larrea tridentata ) as a remedy for colds and viruses, arthritis, burns, sores and other problems.
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