What Is A Charcot Marie Tooth Disease?

by andywalsh | April 25, 2019 10:14 pm

It is defined as a disorder in which there is a problem of nerves in various forms. In this the muscle tissue is no longer present and the sensation of touch is lost. It involves feet, legs as well as hands and arms. It is one of the most common nerve disorders and cannot be cured. It is also known as Charcot Marie tooth neuropathy or hereditary motor as well as sensory neuropathy. The other name is peroneal muscular atrophy.

What are the signs and symptoms of Charcot marie tooth disease?

It includes the dropping of foot. It can also lead to hammer toe. It starts in the early thirties and there is a wasting of the lower part of leg which may give rise to leg which is not normal. The hip sockets are non normal in shape. Pregnancy increases this condition and other factor can be stress. One can also see the gastro intestinal problems also. There is a problem in the swallowing, chewing as well as speaking which can also occur due to the atrophy of vocal cords. One can also notice scoliosis. Tremor can also develop in the later stages. In few cases the breathing is affected a lot.

How Charcot Marie tooth disease can be diagnosed?

It includes the use of visual examination and a patient history. One can measure the speed of nerve by the process of electromyography. One can also go for the biopsy of nerve and one can also go for the DNA testing. It is the definitive diagnosis and the other option can be genetic markers. The cause of the disease is known by the sequence of genome of all organisms. The mutations are identified by it. The affected parents must be checked with or without the disease. The child gets two abnormal genes from the disease. The cost of genome is 5000 dollars.

How Charcot Marie tooth disease can be treated?

One can use vitamin c as it is quite helpful in the case of animals. One can go for few clinical trials so that the effectiveness of the treatment can be known. One can take even high doses of ascorbic acid also. The people with this disorder must have a proper weight as the increase in weight may lead to problem in the mobility as well as stress on joints. One can also go for the water therapy as the stress on the joints is decreased. The drug known as vincristine has many side effects and must be avoided. One can also go for few surgical procedures which help to improve the physical condition. The treatment can also be done as per the genetic testing.

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