What causes Sinusitis?

April 25 21:50 2019 Print This Article

There are many factors which lead to this condition. It includes allergies and structural problems like deviated septum, small septa ostia and smoking along with the nasal polyps. They carry the cystic fibrosis gene and the sinusitis at each instance may lead to the increased inflammation of nasal or sinus mucosa and may cause the narrowing of openings.

There is an important role of the bio films by which they form a complex aggregate of the micro organisms of different species. Most of them are difficult or impossible to isolate and are done by using the standard clinical techniques. The bacteria present in the bio film are resistant to the antibiotics as compared to the bacteria which are free living.

There were recent studies which indicated that the bio films are associated with the 3 by 4 of the patients which under go surgery in case of chronic sinusitis. This bio film type infection can lead to many cases of antibiotic refractory chronic sinusitis.

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