What are the causes of Age Spots?

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It includes the different types of brown spots. They can be age spots which are also known as solar lentigos and freckles which are also known as ephiledes. The skin has a melanin pigment which has the ability to absorb the sun light and play a role in the protection of skin from ultra violet rays. It has cells known as melanocytes. The sun has the ability to injure these cells in the outer layer of skin and form spots.

The cells present in the epidermis are skin cells that form the skin layer which is dead. They also form the keratin that protects it from the external forces. The protection from the sun is provided by 10 percent of melanocytes which forms the pigment and transfers it to the skin cells. People who dont have melanin pigment, do not have protection from the sun rays. The body of an individual with no melanin does react abnormally. So, it can lead to freckles and brown spots.

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