What are the causes of Acute myeloid leukemia?

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There are number of factors which can cause this disorder. It includes the blood disorders, chemical exposures and genetics. It also includes the ionizing radiations also. There are pre leukemic blood disorders like myelo dysplastic syndrome or myelo proliferative disease which involves the AML.

The exact risk factor depends on the type of MDS or MPS. The exposure to anti cancer chemo therapy along with the alkylating agents increases the risk of this disorder. The risk is highest about 3 to 5 years after chemo therapy. There are other chemo therapy agents like epipodophyllo toxins and anthrax cyclines. They are linked with the treatment related leukemia. They are mainly associated with the chromosomal abnormalities in the cell.

The occupational chemical exposure to the benzene and other aromatic organic solvents can lead to this disorder. The benzene and its derivatives are referred as a carcinogenic. There is a link between the carcinogens and the risk associated with the occurrence of this disorder. There are radiations of ions which can lead to this disorder. The increased rate of AML is due to the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The radiologists were also exposed to the high level of radiations prior to the modern safety practices. There is a hereditary risk associated with the AML. There are many cases of the AML in a family which has a higher risk of developing by a chance alone. The increase in the chance of developing AML is many times more than in the first degree relatives as compared to the non relatives. There are many congenital conditions which have increased the chance of this disorder and the most common condition is the Down syndrome which increases the thresh hold around 20 times.

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