What is the cause of Achromatopsia?

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The acquired achromatopsia is also known as the dyschromatopsia. In this there is an injury to the thalamus of the mid brain and the cerebral cortex. It is referred as the diencephalon and new brain respectively. The condition which occurs in the mid brain occurs due to the injury to thalamus which is a part of brain stem. The tumor growth is the common factor causing it and the thalamus is protected from the external damage. The condition which occurs in the cerebral is the acquired form and occurs due to the injury to cerebral cortex.

The trauma, tissue growth of tumor and hemorrhage is responsible for this cause. It is not related to the abnormalities in the cells of retina. The congenital achromatopsia occurs due to the abnormalities seen in the retinal photo transduction pathway. It occurs due to the inability of cone cells to respond to the light input. It occurs by hyper polarization. It may also result due to the mutation of cone cell called as cyclic nucleotide gated ion channels which are referred as CNGA3 and CNGA4 respectively. The mutations in the cone cell transducin may also be responsible for it.

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