What is the cause and treatment of Dengue

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What are the causes of dengue fever?

It includes the different varieties of viruses. The most common is dengue virus referred as the DENV. It has RNA as the genetic material and has genome of few thousand bases.

How dengue fever can be treated?

It includes the use of supportive therapy so that the shock can be controlled due to the bleeding and hemo concentration. One must monitor the signs and symptoms for a week. To prevent the dehydration one must increase the fluid intake. One can also go for intra venous fluids and can prevent the dehydration. One can also give the platelets if their level is less than 20,000.

One must avoid aspirin as well as non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs as they have the ability to make the conditions worse as they can lead to increase in the bleeding. One can also take paracetamol if these symptoms are present.

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