How Cancer can be treated?

March 07 23:05 2019 Print This Article

Most of the cancers can be treated and can be treated depending on its location, stage and type. It can be treated with the help of surgery, chemo therapy as well as radio therapy. Now, the treatment has improved. There are new target therapies which have been used to act against the tumor and prevent the damage to other cells. The main aim of treatment is to prevent the injury to rest of body and a complete removal of a cancer. It is mainly done with the help of surgery.

The ability of cancer to affect the other tissues and its ability to spread limits the effectiveness of treatment. The surgical margin along with a free margin must be removed. The dimensions of free margin depend on the type of cancer and the method by which it is removed. It can be as little as 1mm or more than 5mm. The chemo therapy and radiation therapy are not as effective as surgery.

There is no single treatment for cancer as it is a combination of many diseases.

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