How Cancer can be prevented?

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There are many factors which can prevent this condition. It includes the diet, weight of the patient, alcohol, tobacco and the changes linked with the life style. One third of the cancer cases can be prevented. These preventive measures decrease the new cases of cancer. Other important factors can be infection, pollution in the air and sexually transmitted disease. The prevention can be primary or secondary. The primary prevention means the prevention given before the people are diagnosed with the disease. The secondary prevention means the prevention given after the people are diagnosed with the disease.

The life style risk factor includes the use of alcohol as well as tobacco. It also includes the physical inactivity and an increase in the weight. The decrease in consumption of alcohol decreases the chances of cancer. The decrease in consumption of tobacco decreases the chances of cancer. The increase in physical exercise decreases the chances of cancer. The exposure to radiations along with the ultra violet as well as ionizing may also lead to cancer. There are couple of hundred thousand people which die every year as a result of cancer. The risk of developing cancer increases with the exposure to few chemicals at the work place. In the developed countries the death due to cancer occurs more frequently. They mainly related to the work place.

The diet factors include the increase in weight increases the chances of cancer. There are different diet practices in different countries. The differences may occur due to the population which has been migrated from the other countries. There is no specific diet which increases or decreases the chances of cancer. The increase intake of meat increases the chances of cancer. It may be due to the presence of few chemical in the food which is made at high temperature. Some studies say that the increase in sugar consumption also increases the risk of cancer. It mainly includes the refined sugar.

In order to decrease the chances of cancer one must decrease the intake of food and drinks which increase the weight and a red meat. One must avoid and salt containing food. One must take food which is of plant origin. Mushrooms are those which provide anti cancer effect.

The vitamin factors include the vitamin D, folic acid and beta carotene. They are not proved much effective in the treatment of cancer. The patients must take fruits as well as vegetables for their benefit. There is an inverse relationship with the intake of vitamin D and cancer. Beta carotene can increase the risk of cancer in small amounts. The effect of folic acid has not yet been established.

The chemo prevention includes the use of medicines to prevent the cancer. The most common used medicine is tamoxifen.

The genetic testing includes the use of high risk patients to know about the changes in their gene structures which can lead to cancer. Their early identification can prevent the loss of life and increase the life span of patient too.

The vaccination includes the use prophylactic which acts against the agents which lead to the infection. The role of hepatitis B in the control of oncogenic infection is commendable.

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