What Is A Bee And Wasps Sting?

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It is defined as a disorder in which there is a reaction which may lead to pain and swelling. They lead to few medical problems. They may also lead to swelling and death of individual.

What are the signs and symptoms of Bee and wasps sting?

It includes the pain and swelling. There are different types of reactions which are caused by the sting. It includes the local, systemic, toxic and delayed reactions.

The local reactions include the characters such as pain and swelling along with a redness and warmth. It is a common type of reaction. It may also lead to itching. It happens immediately after the sting and its duration is for few hours. If the local reactions are large it can lead to a large swelling. It can also lead to nausea and these are different from the allergic reactions.

The systemic reactions include the characters such as a systemic allergies involvement. There is a flushing of skin and hives are formed on the skin. A specific type of antibody is produced. There is a increase in the size of pharynx and epiglottis which leads to decrease in their size. The reactions can be mild or severe. The severe form of reaction is known as anaphylaxis. It is quite common among males and is present in the individuals which are below the age of 20.It can lead to problem in the circulation of blood along with problem in the respiration.

The toxic reactions include the use of direct action of toxins in the venom. It occurs if a person suffers many venoms at a time. It leads to nausea, vomiting, fever and diarrhea. One can also observe the faintness and dizziness. In this reaction rash and symptoms on the skin are not common. They also produce antibodies to venom and there is a risk of anaphylactic reaction.

The delayed reactions include the characters which are not so common. It occurs after few days to the sting. These reactions are very rare. Here the medical history plays a crucial role to know about these reactions. It may involve the brain, kidneys, nervous tissues and blood vessels. In few cases one can also observe fever, rash and pain in the joint.

How Bee and wasps sting can be treated?

It can be treated at the home as well as at hospital depending on the severity. The treatment is different for the mild as well as severe injuries. In case of mild allergies the site of sting must be cleaned and the stinging apparatus must be removed along with the application of ice or cold packs. The itching and burning can be relieved by the anti inflammatory drugs. In order to get relief from the pain one must take ibuprofen. In case of infection the antibiotics can be used. The booster dose of tetanus can also be given. The steroidal drugs can also be given to act against the inflammation.

In case of severe reactions one can choose the epinephrine. One can also go for steroidal drugs can also be given to act against the inflammation and anti histamines. The heart system is supported by the use of medicines and intra venous fluids. Treatment starts at the medical personnel and is continued at hospital.

The doctors must have emergency kit with themselves so that they can deal with the condition. It must have adrenaline in it. They can give the injection by themselves. It is a life saving drug. This kit must be readily available. One can also go for immunotherapy.

The medical care is needed when an individual has got many stings and they are present near the eye. There is an infection or the symptoms are severe and they are present for a day or two.

How Bee and wasps sting can be prevented?

It includes the multiple steps which help in the prevention. One must avoid the hives along with the nests. When one is out door he must avoid the bright colors and sugar drinks. One must not walk barefoot and must wear long pants and sleeves. One must stay away from the bees or wasps. The garbage must be kept away and the fruit trees and flowers must be avoided. In case of mild allergies the site of sting must be cleaned and the stinging apparatus must be removed along with the application of ice or cold packs.

What are the causes of Bee and wasps sting?

It happens as the bee and wasps as they see an intruder is coming. The stings are also increased with the use of certain perfumes, dark or bright colors. There are few stings which contain pheromones which attract other members of the insect colony. There are killer bees which have barbed stingers which have the ability to tear the skin.