Basal Body Temperature

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Basa lbody temperature (BBT) is the temperature taken each morning after waking, before getting out of bed and before eating, drinking or smoking. Daily records of BBT can indicate whether a woman has ovulated during her menstrual cycle, by demon-strating the rise of 0.2° to 0.6°C that is maintained from about 12 hours after ovulation until a day or so before the next menstrual period BBT records may be used in the investigation of subfertility, to detect the most likely time for conception, and in the periodic abstinence method of contraception.

The temperature must be taken each morning and the results are entered on a chart. Because the temperature rise is small, special BBT thermometers are available from phannacies; these have an amplified scale to make small changes easier to read. Special charts for recording BBT can be bought or made at home.

Risk factors for complications during the procedure

  • Lack of cooperation in young children and babies.
  • Language problems.

Why the test is performed?

This may be a screening test to detect a hearing loss at an early stage. It may also be used when there is difficulty in hearing from any cause.

Common causes of hearing loss include:

  • Chronic ear infections.
  • Acoustic trauma.
  • Head injury.
  • Medications that can be toxic to the nerve of the inner ear, including certain antibiotics, diuretics, and large doses of salicylates.
  • Inherited conditions.
  • Diseases of the inner ear.

Tell your doctor if any of the following occurs

  • Severe dizziness.
  • Additional hearing loss.
  • Pain.


  • Testing with audiometry equipment is simple and painless. No special precautions are required.
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