What Is Bad Breath?

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It is defined as a disorder in which there is a bad oral hygiene leading to a bad smell and is also known as halitosis. It depends on the type of food you eat and there are other habits which are not healthy.

What are the causes of Bad breath?

It includes the inability to brush and floss daily. So, the remnants of food can allow the growth of bacteria which are present near the gums and teeth. It can also occur if the dentures are not placed properly. The tobacco and use of smoking can also lead to bad breath along with the staining as well as irritation of the gums.

How bad breath can be treated?

It includes that there is no specific treatment for this disorder. If the bad breath is due to the dental reasons the dentist can treat it but if it is due to other reasons a physician must be consulted. The source of infection must be known. In case of gum problems a dentist must clean the gums so that bad odor can be stopped. A number of mouth washes can be used so that the bad breath can be fully controlled. But this is a temporary method to control the bad smell. There are few antiseptic mouth wahes also which are available in the market.

How bad breath can be prevented?

It includes the maintenance of proper oral hygiene. One must brush twice daily with the help of tooth brush and a fluoridated tooth paste. It removes the debris of food and plaque. After the meals one must brush the teeth and one must keep the brush at work or school. One must also clean the tongue and must consult the dentist as early as possible. The tooth brush must be replaced after a couple of months. Floss can also be used to clear the inter dental area and the food and plaque present there must be removed.

Dentures must be removed while the person sleeps and must be placed in a container with the water. One must quit smoking. The teeth must be examined by dentist and must be cleaned by a professional. The tobacco chewing must be also quitted. The oral cavity must not be kept dry and a lot of water must be taken so that the oral cavity is moist. One must also chew tobacco so that the stimulation of saliva can be done. The drugs which an individual must take need to be noticed. One must also make a list of food items what an individual takes and this list must be shown to a dentist. The gums and candies must be without sugar.

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