What is Alzheimer’s disease?

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It is defined as a disorder in which there is a most common type of dementia. It cannot be cured and is destructive disease. It is also known as Alzheimer or senile type dementia of the Alzheimer type which is referred as the SDAT.

It was first explained by the psychiatrist who belonged to Germany and a pathologist of nerve who belonged to Germany too. It was done in the year 1906. It is mainly seen in the people who are above or at the age of 65. The form of this disease which is less common can occur before the age of 65. There were more than 26 million people who were suffering from the disease in the year 2006. This number is from the whole world. In the year 2050, it is thought that this disease is going to affect 1 in 85 people worldwide.

The spread of this disease is specific and is for each individual. There are multiple symptoms. The early symptoms are in relation with the age. It may also be the result of stress. Memory loss is the early symptom of this disease. In this the patient does not remember the learned facts. The diagnosis of this disorder can be known by the behavior. When one suspects this behavior he or she must visit the doctor immediately. The diagnosis can also be done with the help of brain scan. It can also be done on the basis of ability to assess the human behavior.

As the disease progress it can lead to:

1. Irritation
2. Confusion
3. Change in mood
4. Inability to speak properly
5. Loss of memory in the long term
6. Decrease in the senses.
7. Loss of functions of the body.
8. Death

It is very difficult to have an idea about the outcome of this disease known as prognosis. The time span of this disease is not constant. It becomes full blown after some time interval. It can go undetected for few years. The average individual after this diagnosis is able to live for seven years only. There are very few patients who are able to live for more than seven years after the disease is known.

The cause and the method how the disease spread is controversial. It is linked with the presence of some thickenings in the brain. It has been established in a number of studies. There is no treatment which can stop or delay the progression of disease. The treatments which are used now help in the benefit which is not much. The treatment can be based on the symptoms only. The best way to deal with this disease is with the help of brain stimulation exercise along with a balanced diet. There are number of life style changes which can be done to prevent this disease. There is no proof between the changes in the brain and the breakdown of multiple systems of brain.

One must be able to manage this condition as it cannot be cured and leads to the destructive changes. The wife of the patient or his close friend plays a crucial role in the dealing with this disease. They are referred as the care givers. They play a crucial role in sharing the burden of this disease. It is very expensive disease to deal with mainly in the developed countries. It involves all the different elements of the care givers life including physical, social and economic.

Who developed the Alzheimer’s disease?

It was first explained by the psychiatrist who belonged to Germany and a pathologist of nerve who belonged to Germany too. It was done in the year 1906.

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