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Emotional Disorders

What is Abuse?

What is a child abuse? It is defined as a disorder in which there is a physical as well as emotional mis treatment of child. It is also defined as

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What are the signs and symptoms of Abuse?

Signs and symptoms of Abuse are: • Depression • Anxiety • Stress • Physical injury to child • Re victim of the child. It can result in a psychological trauma.

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How the Abuse can be treated?

It includes the multiple treatments. The sexually abused children were treated with the help of therapy known as trauma related cognitive behavioral therapy. It affects the trauma related symptoms present

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What are the different causes of child abuse?

It includes the multiple causes as this is a complex phenomenon. One must know about the cause of abuse and must treat accordingly. The parents who abuse their wife physically

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What are the chances of outcome of child abuse in future?

It includes the statistics of the year 1997 which says that there were most cases of neglect which were followed by the physical as well as sexual abuse. The least

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What are the different effects of Child Abuse?

It includes the long history of neglect along with the physical abuse. They have a chance of developing psychiatric problems. One also observes an improperly organized attachment. Anxiety, stress, physical

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