What Is Alcoholism?

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It is defined as a disorder in which there is a diagnosis with the help of psychosis. In this disorder there is a recurrent use of drinks which contain alcohol. It leads to negative outcomes. It is different from the dependency of alcohol as it has no symptoms like with drawl and tolerance. There are multiple definitions of alcoholism but there are few which are competitive with alcohol abuse.

What are the signs and symptoms of Alcoholism?

It includes the long term changes in brain which occur during the adolescent period. In the coming years the individual has a high risk of alcoholism. Before the age of 14 if an individual abuses alcohol there are quite possible chances of the individual becoming alcohol dependent later in the life. If the individual is of 20 years and abuses alcohol there are less possible chances of the individual becoming alcohol dependent later in the life. Genetic factors also play a crucial role in the case of alcohol abuse. It includes the symptoms like with drawl and tolerance. It also includes the strong urge or need to drink. The person loses the ability to stop drinking once he starts. He also feels nausea, vomiting and anxiety.

How the Alcoholism can be treated?

It includes the programs which are known as alcohol treatment programmes. They play as a role of medicine as well as motivation to stop the person from drinking. It has helped a lot of people to quit alcohol and build their new lives. This problem can never be cured.

What are the causes of Alcoholism?

The introduction of few drinks known as alcopops which contain alcohol and are sweet in taste and pleasant in nature. They were introduced in the Sweden and were responsible for more than half of the alcohol abuse in 15 to 16 years old. The alcopops which do not give the taste of alcohol were responsible for alcohol abuse in the case of girls. They lead to increase in the alcohol abuse by 66 percent. It was introduced in the Sweden as it joined the European Union.

What are the chances of outcome of Alcoholism on future life?

It includes the poor quality of life along with a unproductive life style. This thing does not run much in the long duration. Ultimately, the person loses the social respect and dignity.