What is the prevention of Adeno Carcinoma of Lung?

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It includes the most economical method to fight the lung cancer. In most of the industrial countries a domestic carcinogen is known and banned while a tobacco smoking is still in use. To remove the tobacco smoking is the main aim of prevention of lung cancer and cessation of smoking is important step in the prevention of lung cancer. A smoking cessation is an important preventive tool. The preventive programmes must target the youth.

In the year 1998 the master settlement programme included the 46 states of America so that they can pay out every year. The settlement between the money and tobacco taxes in each state public health department funds with the preventive programs but none of the state is living up to the recommendation made by centre for disease control referred as the CDC. It is done by spending the 15 percent of tobacco taxes and settlement revenues on these preventive measures.

There are few policy interventions which can decrease the passive smoking in few public areas like restaurants and work places. It is quite common in the western countries with California topping the list in the year 1998. In Europe the similar scenario was seen in the Ireland in the year 2004. It happened in the year 2005 when these countries were followed by u the Italy and Norway. In the year 2006 Scotland followed it and In the year 2007 England followed it. In the year 2008 France followed it and in the year 2009 Turkey followed it.

In the year 2004 New Zealand banned smoking in the public places. In the year 2005 Bhutan also banned smoking. There are other countries in which the pressure groups run a campaign for similar bans. In the year 2007 Chandigarh became the first city of our country to be smoke free. In the year 2008 our country introduced a complete ban on smoking at public places. These bans were considered as a criminalization of smoking which may lead to the increased chances of smuggling.

This is the risk associated with this ban. The long term use of vitamin c and e does not reduce the risk of cancer of lung. The long term intake of vitamin e may aggravate the risk of lung cancer. There are certain organizations like the world health organization which has called for the government to put a total ban on the smoking mainly in the young people. It assesses the bans that reduce the tobacco consumption by 10 percent.

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