What is Actino Mycosis?

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Briefly write about its epidemiology and history.

It is defined as a disorder in which there is an infection caused by a bacterium known as the Actinomyces israelli or A. gerencseriae. A propiono bacterium can also lead to this disorder. This condition is poly bacterial and it occurs rarely in the humans. It occurs commonly in the cattle’s and causes a disease known as the lumpy jaw. It denotes to the large abscesses which are present on the head and neck of infected animal including the swine, horses, dogs with wild animals and sheep.

What is the epidemiology of actino mycosis?

It includes the large incidence of this disorder in the men aged between 20 to 60 years. It is less in the females. The incidence in few countries like Netherlands and Germany was 1 per 100,000 before the antibiotics came into the market. In the year 1970, the incidence in the United States was 1 per 300, 000. In the year 1984, the incidence in the Germany was 1 per 40, 000 people per year. In the females the incidence has increased recently and this is attributed to the intra uterine devices referred as the IUDs which lead to genito urinary action mycosis. The incidence of oral action mycosis has also increased.

What is the history of actino mycosis?

It includes the pathologist O Bollinger who told us about the presence of this disorder in cattle in year 1877. After some time J Israel discovered the A Israeli in humans. In the year 1890 E Bostroem isolated the organism from grains, grasses and soil. After this discovery people thought that this disorder was a mycosis that involved the individuals who depend on the grass or straw. This disorder killed the violinist known as the J Joachim.

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