What is an Acrodysostosis?

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It is defined as a condition in which there is a malformation which involves the shortening of inter phalangeal joints of hand and feet. It is a rare and congenital disease. It is also known as the arkless graham syndrome. It is also known as the double M syndrome. It is mostly sporadic but few cases can be genetically linked. It is mainly autosomal dominant in the nature. It affects both the sexes equally. It mainly occurs in the old parental age.

What are the signs and symptoms of the Acrodysostosis?

It includes the mental deficiency around 90 percent of the cases. There are peculiar faces. It also includes the short head that is brachy cephaly. It has a small broad and upturned nose which has a flat nasal bridge. It has a protruding jaw with increase in the bone age. There is intra uterine growth retardation with juvenile arthritis. They have a short height. The skin, genitals, teeth and skeleton are involved in the later stages.

What is the treatment of Acrodysostosis?

There is no specific treatment for this disorder.

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