What is the Acne Scar?

March 13 22:16 2019 Print This Article

An acne leaves a scar as the skin gets a volcanic shape. The physical acne is also known as the ice pick scars. As the scars cause indentation in the surface of skin.

There are many treatments available. There is a medical condition known as the atrophia maculosa varioliformis cutis which results in the acne formation. These are depressed scars present on the face. There are ice pick scars which are deep pits. These are the most common type and show a unique sign of scarring of acne. There are box car scars which are angular in shape and are present on the temple and cheeks. It can be superficial or deep and are similar to the chicken pox scars. There are rolling scars that give the skin a wave like appearance. There are hyper trophic scars which are thickened or keloid in shape. There are pigmented scars which show a change in the pigmentation of skin. They seem to be true scars but they are not true. They occur due to the nodular or cystic acne which occur as the painful bumps present under the skin. They leave an inflamed red mark and the pigmentation scars can be avoided by the aggravation of nodule or cyst. If the nodules or cysts are popped by the sufferer the condition gets worse and can bruise the affected area. They fade away with the time and take 3 months to 2 years in this process. They can persist rarely. There are few people who have a tanned skin and they develop brown hyper pigmentation. This is mainly due to the increased production of melanin pigment. They also fade away with the time.

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