What is an Achondrogenesis?

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It is defined as a condition in which there are multiple disorders. It includes the congenital malformations of bones and cartilages which is referred as congenital chondro dysplasia. There are mainly three types of achondrogenesis such as type 1A, 1B and 2. These forms are differentiated with one other on the basis of signs and symptoms. Their inheritance pattern and the genetic makeup are also different. There are other types of achondrogenesis also. But their cause is unknown and their characteristics are also not identified.

What are the signs and symtoms of Achondrogenesis?

It includes the small body, short limbs and other abnormalities in the skeleton.

The infants are born prematurely and are still born. They die after the birth as a result of respiratory failure. Some may live for some time due to the intensive medical support.

What is the treatment of Achondrogenesis?

There is no specific treatment for this disorder.

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