How the Abuse can be treated?

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It includes the multiple treatments. The sexually abused children were treated with the help of therapy known as trauma related cognitive behavioral therapy. It affects the trauma related symptoms present in children. It includes anxiety and clinical depression mainly. This therapy has been proved to be more successful than other therapies.

The abuse related cognitive behavioral therapy was used for children who have under gone physical abuse. It mainly targets the behavior. The parents who have offended are also included in the therapy.

The child parent relationship has been improved with the help of child parent psycho therapy. It occurs when there is a domestic violence. It involves the symptoms of trauma related like infants and pre scholars. It includes the aggression as well as anxiety.

The other types of treatment can be group, play or art treatment. The type of treatment depends on the type of abuse. The play and art treatment makes the children more comfortable. They are told to do everything that they can enjoy like swimming, coloring and drawing etc. It tells about the feelings of children and their relationship with the friends or parents.

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