What is Abdallat Davis Farrage Syndrome?

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It is defined as a condition in which there is a disorder of the skin and hair leading to pigmentation. It leads to progressive spastic paraparesis along with the peripheral neuropathy. It is autosomal recessive and genetic in nature. It is also referred as a neurocutaneous syndrome.

What are the symptoms of Abdallat Davis Farrage syndrome?

It consists of albinism i.e absence of pigmentation in the hairs.

There is an irregular skin pigmentation.

Excessive freckling i.e. clusters of concentrated melanin.

Insensitive pain.

Slight paralysis or the weakness of both legs commonly referred as paraparesis.

What is the treatment of Abdallat Davis Farrage syndrome?

There is no specific treatment for this condition. The patient must be kept comfortable and normal. The inter family marriages must be avoided as the dangerous genetic traits can be passed from one generation to the other.

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