What is Aarkog Syndrome?

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It is an inherited disorder. It is also known as the Aarskog Scott syndrome. It is an X linked recessive disorder. The male child is at more risk as compared to the female child. The female child is at more risk of becoming carriers. There are mild manifestations of this syndrome in females. It is result of the mutation which may occur in the gene or chromosomes. The gene component is known as the FGDY1. This syndrome is named after the Norway pediatrician known as Dagfinn Aarskog. An American medical geneticist Charles I. Scott also played a crucial role in there development. It happened in the early 1970s.

What is the diagnosis of Aarskog Syndrome?

The genetic testing and genetic counseling are the main diagnostic tests of this syndrome. The counseling is suitable for the families who have these conditions. The mutations in the gene are diagnosed by the genetic testing.

What are the treatment, prognosis and complications of Aarskog Syndrome?

Surgery along with the orthodontic treatment is the preferred methods of treatment. They also correct the facial abnormalities. The growth hormones are not effective in the treatment of this condition.

This condition affects the mental condition. In males the reproductive ability is also affected. It may lead to the cystic changes in brain and show seizure formation. Around 33 percent of the cases show difficulty in growth for the first year of life. A misaligned teeth and undescended testicle are also found in the later stages.